Puerto Rico: changing the focus of government

At one point in its not to distant past, the government of Puerto Rico owned just about everything.   It owned the shipping company ‘Navieras,’ the Puerto Rico Telephone Company and still owns the Water and Sewer Authority and the Electric Power Authority.  These were ‘purchased’under misguided socialist policies during the 1970’s.

In essence, following leftist doctrine the government of Puerto Rico was trying to ‘be all things to all people.’   The result is what we see today.  73 Billion dollars in debt and supposedly, no way to pay it. Granted, the issue is much more complicated; but I’ve addressed many of those issues in other articles.

Today I want to focus on the differing views of the left and right regarding the purpose of government and suggest a compromise.

To the left, ‘All things to all people’ is the goal.  Yet it has been show time and time and time again, that it does not work.  Eventually, you run out of other people’s money.

To the right, the responsibility for one’s well being is the individual’s.  Government’s purpose is limited to a few specific duties like defense, security, response to disasters, international relations, regulating (to a very limited degree) business interactions across state lines and interstate infrastructure.

The further along we go, the more divergent these positions become.  Mandatory health care insurance and socialized medicine do not mix with with the libertarian ideal of ‘self-ownership.’    Nor does Obamacare mix with the idea of free markets and personal choice.  Yet many of the left want less choice and more government sourced services.

Intentionally divisive politics aside, the two sides are becoming irreconcilable.

This is one of the reasons I developed my theory of ‘Distributive Capitalism.’

The theory (explained in the article linked above) depends on limited government and free market capitalism in order to work, but it provides all of the social services the left wants; by simply changing the way they are paid for and who controls them.  The vast majority of the leadership of the democratic left is likely to oppose this concept because it takes power out of government hands and empowers individuals to make their own social choices without having to elect a new politicians to get the things they want.

The right and libertarians will oppose it because it requires mandatory savings, but it goes further than that.  It changes the focus of government all together and opens a broad range of possibilities to a better future for everyone.  The focus would be on the end result, not on the process or how a service is provided.

I’ll take a simple example.  El Fondo de Seguro del Estado (The state security fund) which is Puerto Rico’s version of Workers’ Compensation.  This public entity gives employees money when they get injured at work and can’t work.  Nice idea when it started, but Puerto Rico’s FSE is always in deficits, slow to respond and pays very low amounts to injured workers.

The left and even many on the right would never dare to want to eliminate Workers’ Compensation.  Like social security, it is a third rail and any politicians who goes after it, even when it performs poorly is likely to face certain defeat.  So the plan is to always keep Workers’ Comp.

I argue, that what is necessary is to keep the ‘benefits’ provided by Workers’ Comp for those who want it.   The ‘how’ it is delivered is not important.  It is the what.  Many people who have worked labor or hourly based jobs know that if you aren’t working, you aren’t earning.  So I’m not opposed in theory to the idea of having a fund or payment system to help those injured on the job or even those who are just injured period who need temporary assistance.

So how do you balance out the idea of wanting to make sure a service is available, but not necessarily owned, operated or paid for by government?

A quick look to the private sector will help you find a company like AFLAC.  This company provides benefits much like Workers’ Compensation.  They help cover medical expenses not covered by insurance and pay cash to help people pay bills why they are unable to work.  I suspect that it wouldn’t be too hard to sit down with AFLAC and negotiate a deal to replace FSE with the private insurer and make it available to everyone.

This would save money by replacing FSE with the private entity.  No more buildings to manage, not more electric bills to pay and no more employees to pay.  In this scenario FSE wouldn’t be privatized, it would be closed permanently and the buildings and office supplies sold.  It would cease to exist, yet the benefit would continue.

Another example is education.  My disdain for teachers unions aside; there is always room for improvement in education.  The best schools in Puerto Rico are private schools…hands down.  There isn’t even a debate.  Yet there are protests whenever the government tries to shut down a public school, even if that schools is full of asbestos and no longer in use.

If the focus is the education of children, then naturally you look for the best possible education which right now is done only in private schools.  This is why republican’s often propose voucher programs.  This gives parents black or white the option to choose which school to send their kids.  It creates competition forcing schools to compete for students.

The left hates this because it means the government is no longer in control of education or as I prefer to call it, ‘indoctrination camps.’

The list of ideas that spring up when you focus on the purpose and the end instead of the process is endless.  Its time Puerto Rico started to reshape and refocus its government.


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Its time for a new Pope

In his recent visit to Cuba, the Pope embraced Raul Castro and the Castro regime ignoring the Cuban governments attacks on Christianity and Christians in general and Catholics in particular. Meanwhile, he condemned Donald Trump as being ‘anti-christian.’


I’m no fan of Trump, but give me a break.

The Vatican needs a recall system to remove the current Pope and elect one that understands that it is Capitalism that funds the church and communism that destroys it.

More here.

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Puerto Rico travel alert: assault on a golf course

As if Puerto Rico didn’t have enough problems already a couple of thugs made life even more difficult for the entire population this morning.  A pair of tourists playing golf at the Wyndham Rio Mar were assaulted and robbed at gun point.  Published reports say the thieves got away with about one thousand dollars in property and money.

Reports of the robbery are making their way through social media and will further deter tourists from visiting the ‘Isle of Enchantment.’

Crime has long been a problem in Puerto Rico and its outlying island Vieques, where tourists have been repeatedly assaulted and robbed.  Puerto Rico police are investigating the crime which happened this morning (February 3, 2016).

The island’s economy has been struggling for the better part of a decade and the U.S. Commonwealth has over 70 billion dollars in debt.  If this incident impacts tourism, which is one of the islands main industries; it could further complicate the situation.


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Zika virus is designed for population control

If you’ve been keeping up with recent health news you may have already heard of something called the Zika virus.  The mosquito transmitted virus causes a mild illness according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  It causes rash, joint pain and red eyes.  That’s about it.  Furthermore, it only causes illness in 1 out of five people bitten by an infected mosquito.  So why the panic?

CNN reports that the virus is spreading like wildfire throughout south and central America.  Some cases have even started to show up in the United States.  The cause of the spread in the United States is illegal immigration.  Wide open borders and poor enforcement have allowed infected people to cross the border and enter into the population.  They are then bitten by local mosquito, who then spread it to others.

According the professional disease world, the real problem with Zika virus is birth defects. In other words, any women affected by the disease may pass on birth defects to their children.  Babies are sometimes born with small heads, which can affect development and in some cases it can cause the death of the child.

Government’s response isn’t to close the borders and control immigration.  Government’s response also isn’t to bring back DDT, the most effective insecticide against the mosquito which was banned decades ago based on false environmental concerns.  Not just wrong ideas, but false ones.  The international ban on DDT has caused millions to die in Africa and developing nations thanks to mosquito born virus’ which were nearly universally wiped out by the use of DDT.

In other words, banning DDT led to millions of deaths…a form of population control among the poor.

So what is government’s response?

To tell women to STOP HAVING BABIES!  That’s right, government has decided that instead of taking the only actions that would actually stop the virus and its spread it was going to ‘encourage’ women to avoid getting pregnant until the crisis has abated.

But when exactly will the crisis pass if government’s refuse to take the only actions that can fix it?  Never.  Government just wants to force western mothers to stop making western babies.  No one is urging such bans in mid-eastern countries, or Asian countries or among migrants to the European Union.  Only mothers in Brazil, Puerto Rico and other countries and jurisdictions.

Population control can be the only explanation for the current Zika ‘crisis.’  Once again, government’s actions create a crisis and use that crisis to try to punish all of humanity instead of realizing their own actions; open borders and banning DDT, are the only causes.

We are being lied too…again.

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#Mizzou madness and media malfeasance

The lead story on NBC News Sunday night was about 6 year old boy who had been shot and killed by police in Louisiana.  The second story was about blacks protesting at the University of Missouri against a series of alleged ‘racist’ incidents.  Buried deep in the news was a video of a Palestinian woman who attacked a security guard with a knife.

No mention of the national debt or other major issues that directly affect the people of the United States.  All drama.

At Mizzou a group of football players and others are ‘boycotting’ their sport until the University President gets fired.

The allegations include someone calling someone else a name (the evil ‘N’ word) and someone creating a NAZI symbol out of human feces.  Gross.  Just to clarify, the person using the ‘N’ word was allegedly white (4 white girls).  The thousands of times a day that blacks refer to each other as ‘nigger’ were not mentioned.

Students are also mad that the University President refused to speak to them when they held him against his will forcibly in a homecoming game parking lot.  Students surrounded his car and refused to let him go for a short time and he refused to talk to them.  Gee, I wonder why.

Did you know that holding someone again their will or denying them the ability to leave is actually a crime?  Its called (legally) kidnapping.  Its a felony.

But all of this is the fault of the white school president and the second most important news story in the nation on a Sunday night.

I don’t’ doubt that there is racism at the University of Missouri and I don’t doubt that most of it is being committed by black students against whites.  Why?  Because I see it every day all over the south.  Sure, there are white racists; but the most racist Americans are always minorities, just like the fact that the most sexist people are all women and most domestic violence is INITIATED by women.

If you don’t understand this, you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog.

Professional victimhood is a hall mark of cultural Marxism and needs to end.  Perhaps more importantly however, is the way the major media covers it.

I was once interviewed by ABC news near a levee in Fargo, North Dakota during a spring flood.  They interviewed me for about 8 minutes and used exactly ONE SECOND of the interview on the news.  I’m not bothered that I wasn’t on the air more (I’ve been interviewed a bunch of times so no big deal) I was bothered by the ABC News producer who on occasion would say, ‘We can use that;’ after something I said; and at one point I heard hims say, ‘that’s what we needed.’

“That’s what we needed?”

At some point in year’s passed news reporting went from researching stories to ‘scripting’ stories.  That is to say, develop an angle and a powerful story and then draft an outline and script and then go find people and video to fill in the blanks.  Not news, but propaganda.

Unfortunately nearly half of the population does not understand this and does not want too.   They actually believe there is a race crisis on the campus of U of M.

NEWSFLASH: there isn’t.  Its all made up.

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Anti-capitalist’s riot in London, demand more of your money

There is a certain irony to the anti-capitalist movement.  We saw a good picture of the hypocrisy at the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests in New York City. Protesters railed against free markets while blogging about their exploits on their free market created phones and websites.   We saw more of it this week in London.

Anti-capitalists celebrated the 5th of November by wearing Guy Fawkes masks and trashing parts of the city.  One such protester was caught on camera wearing a jacket worth nearly 500 dollars.

A police car was set on fire by an anti-capitalist demonstrator, who was wearing a Colmar ski jacket that cost hundreds of pounds

The so called ‘Million Mask March’ as covered by the Daily Mail which published the above picture; left the streets of London filled with socialism garbage.   One group carried signs arguing that there was only ‘One solution, Revolution.’  They don’t however offer the exact definition of what they want the ‘revolution to accomplish other than being against capitalism.

Another picture from the same article may have gone unnoticed by some but I couldn’t help catch the hypocrisy screaming out from the signs.  Not to mention a complete lack of understanding of how economics work.

More than 20,000 people have said on Facebook that they would attend the event, which started in Trafalgar Square at 6pm yesterday

On the left of the photo above a protester holds a sign that says “I’m fighting for all of us” which at the bottom says “no more cuts.”  On the far right another holds a sign that says “Our human needs, not corporate greed.”

Think about that for a moment.  Who is more greedy?  The person or corporation that creates wealth through service or production or the person who demands free money from others by force?  I discuss this hypocrisy in my short book ‘Toy Farm Lemonade.’

These protesters oppose the conservative government’s management of public finance because they are trying to cut back on spending.   Spending of money taken by force from others via taxation (AKA theft).  They are also protesting against evil corporations that create wealth and PAY those taxes that support the programs they want to keep.

This is socialism for you center stage.  Give me money taken from others, while taking away the power of others to create the money I want to take from them.

One final note, the protester center left holding a sign that is partly cut off but reads, ‘More peace, less police.’  Right.  The protesters spent much of the evening damaging property in areas without police and confronting police head on in areas where the police were lined up to control the riot.

Somehow I’m not convinced that less police will make the protesters more peaceful.


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#ClimateJustice: The Global #SocialJustice nightmare

In case you live in the west and enjoy having a car, air conditioning and easy access to food and health care, be on notice; you are to blame for climate change.  The good news is, you won’t have to worry about it for very much longer.

Climate negotiators in Paris, trying to come up with a new global treaty on carbon reduction to save the planet from something that isn’t happening have declared the American lifestyle must come to an end:

“For the sake of the world’s future, American lifestyle can no longer remain non-negotiable,” froths India’s leading environmentalist, Sunita Narain.

Shikha Dalmia writing for ‘The Week‘ sums up the madness quite nicely by pointing out that the two loudest complainants against the west’s crime of being wealthy are India and China.  Forget that both nations have a dismal climate record.  Forget about the caste system and abject poverty.  Forget that the air is so bad in China that its like smoking two packs of cigarettes per day.  None of that matters.

What matters is that the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has decided that the world can only hold so much carbon and that the west has ‘spent’ their portion of carbon over the last one hundred years or so and therefore doesn’t deserve more and should pay for everyone else’s multi trillion dollar transition to renewable sources.  The IPCC is also one of those organizations that has hailed China and communism for their great work on managing climate change.  What the f***?

But in this ‘dollar for your climate problem’ exchange we see the real reason for the false premise of climate change: wealth redistribution.  The world has not learned from America that spending trillions on the poor only generates more poverty by creating a class of ‘professional poor’ who make a living by living off of what their government can steal from others.

And we are talking about trillions of dollars.  India alone estimates they will need to spent more than two trillion dollars over the next two decades to make the transition.  So the west will have to foot the bill.  Curiously, no one appears to be asking Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq or other oil producing states (Like Russia?) to pay a good ‘fair share’ of the price.

Climate Justice is just another word for Global Social Justice.

Here is how it works.  First, you claim an international crisis.  (Global Cooling, oh wait… warming; I mean… Climate Change) Then, you blame something using faulty science: its the carbon!  Next, you must make sure and ignore all other kinds of pollution that are actually harming people today. And let us not forget, you must constantly fudge and or adjust the data to support your obviously bullshit theory.

Once you have that all laid out, you promote it by enticing smaller and or poorer countries to join the fight by telling them they will get lots of free money if they support the cause at the UN.

This is also how you get otherwise smart scientists to sign off on Climate Change fraud as well.  You tell them if they want research money, they will have to prove Climate Change is real and shun anyone who dares to say otherwise.  Then inflate the total number of scientists who ‘agree’ GC/GW/CC is a problem.   It also helps to berate school children for their entire education cycle with the constant reminder ‘global warming… we are all going to die…  must fight global warming’ until the kids have no ability left to realize they’ve been lied to.

After all of this you force negotiations to protect all of humanity (moral incentive) from the evils of the non-existent threat and then you make it easy on all third world nations by letting them write their own plan as to how they will address climate change.  YES!  That is actually part of the Paris negotiations.  Each nation actually gets to come up with their own plan.

Best of all, you use any means necessary to make the ‘rich’ countries (the ones that aren’t communists or Islamic) feel responsible for the whole problem  and demand they pay ‘their fair share’ to help the small countries implement their plan.

Got it?  This is what is already happening.  When anyone utters the words ‘climate change’ guard your wallet.  The entire scheme is designed to impoverish the west in order to save the third world from its own self inflicted poverty.  To force free nations to surrender their sovereignty to poor countries who surprisingly will not become less poor despite the trillions of dollars the west will spend trying to help them.   Why would anyone surrender victimhood as long as it pays well?   There is even talk of a armed Global Environmental Defense Force to use military force to ‘nudge’ non-compliant countries into submission.

Yet another reason for an independent Puerto Rico or any other country to stay out of the UN.

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