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by Tj Mihelich

Daily we wake up facing another war with life in Puerto Rico. It is either the traffic, long lines, or lack of service in general. What we don’t see is our enemy within. An enemy that should provide the hard working Puerto Rican, make their life easier and safer. That enemy is the bloated bureaucracy of the Puerto Rican government. A government that does not give either the regular Puerto Rican and or business an atmosphere to succeed. Crime is rampant, murders hitting an all time high in recent years and taxes that include a high sales tax in relation to the average income of islanders, let alone, income taxes, and the increase of toll bridge taxes as high as 30% increase 5 years ago.

Government in my opinion is to support and provide a secured place with a highly educated workforce. The Puerto Rican government does not proved this, as the regular Puerto Rican lives in fear of the crime wave around him/her and lack of a good educational system, which the U.S. Government subsidizes. The enemy is truly the government which seems to be ineffective, but is ready to create any diversion in order to cover their inefficiencies. Sadly what keeps them in power are the people who needs their help either thru the means of welfare, W.I.C. programs, or any other government help. They have the power to keep the people financially down in order to stay in power. Sadly they have a way to tell the people that they need the government for all their needs. Basically be wardens of the state.

But imagine this! Imagine if all Puerto Ricans were millionaires and didn’t need the government! We would have the means to outsource our safety to a security firm and in turn promote a better education system, which in turn brings about a better standard of living for all. Then the government would definitely be the enemy, because we wouldn’t want them to tax our money in order for them to abuse or steal it. But then again we are not millionaires but sadly what we do still have is the enemy within, the bloated ineffective government of Puerto Rico. The power needs to be emphasized on the individual, not our elected officials, because in the end they are public servants working for us, not them!


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