Decay of Roosevelt Roads: gross incompentance of PR Government

For those who lived and worked at Roosevelt Roads or ‘Roosey’ as it was affectionately known, this video from WAPA channel 4 in Puerto Rico will be heartbreaking.  It is however, a perfect example of just how bad the Puerto Rico government is; and how incapable it is of changing under the current model.

Take more than 8 thousand acres, a fully functioning port facility, nearly one thousand residences, a couple of hotels a hospital and airfield, water treatment and storage facilities, waste water treatment plants miles and miles of roads, recreation facilities; warehouses and more and do absolutely nothing with them so they rot and decay and lose all potential from what was once the best community in Puerto Rico.

A special thank you should go out to the protesters on Vieques who helped close the base and the more than a million Puerto Ricans who claimed to support the Navy but remained silent for most of the time the protests underway.  This is what happens when good people remain silent and when the masses tolerate the madness of the ‘occupy’ style protests.

Thousands of jobs lost and billions of potential dollars lost and now increased cost and increased crime.  This is the impact of poor political decisions and masses who refused to speak until the last moment.  Political decisions have an impact.  Good or bad.  So does refusing to act. 

If you want change, you have to actually make a change.  View the video HERE.

If you want change please, join us HERE

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4 Responses to Decay of Roosevelt Roads: gross incompentance of PR Government

  1. Luis Pérez says:

    Para otra perspectiva en cuanto a la ineptitud del Gobierno de Puerto RIco en cuanto a este asunto.


  2. Bud Miller says:

    Not only thousands of jobs lost but thousands of FAMILIES were also effected . Those that worked with the Navy and those business’s surrounding the base that went away when the Navy left the area. Victory for Vieques, “The Mouse That Roared” (with apologies to Leonard Wibberley). Where are all of your celebrities NOW who were down here for their photo op? You remember all those players. They haven’t thought about Vieques in a decade. And now it is time to “Pay the Piper’. El Flautista de Hamelin (apologies to Robert Browning)


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