Prosecution of Gov. Perry a crime in itself

This is the state of America.  A prosecutor gets arrested for drunk driving and pleads guilty.  The governor tells him he should resign, he refuses.  The governor gets tough and says, if the prosecutor does not resign, he will exercise his constitutional authority and veto the budget for that prosecutors office.  Result?  A grand jury indicts the governor on corruption charges.

Of course I’m talking about Texas Governor Rick Perry.  And for the record, I don’t like him.  Wouldn’t vote for him for Governor or President.  However, the disdain the democrats have for constitutional law is on full parade during this case.  Governor Perry did not accept a bribe, he did not get inappropriate campaign contributions, he didn’t  violate the rights of his people, he did not run drugs.  The only thing he did was demand that a drunk, who had been convicted of a driving drunk, step down so as to preserve the integrity of the office.

As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the state of Texas, the governor was in his right to do this.  So deciding to veto the money allotted to the office run by a corrupt prosecutor is a no-brainer.  Shut down the office so the corrupt official could not continue to have authority over other people accused of crimes.  IF the law didn’t apply to the prosecutor how can we expect the prosecutor to apply the law fairly to the people he investigates?

Perry was right on principle and he was right on using his veto authority.  If Perry is guilty of a crime, so is every other governor in the United States and every President since Washington.  Democratic Party prosecutors are using their office to push a political agenda, (just like our President) to use the force of government to prosecute the Chief Executive of the State.  Because it is a political action, it is a crime. 

Perry could face 99 years in prison if convicted.  Since this is a political prosecution, Perry should issue a blanket pardon, for himself; just to get back at the prosecutors.

If there is anyway, given the political climate; the prosecutors who pushed the case against Perry should be indicted and if convicted should be placed in the general population of the nearest Texas prison.  For once, Governor Perry did something I can agree with, he stood on principle.  I wish the governors of Puerto Rico, would do the same.




About worleyf

Semi-retired Media Relations guy, former radio and TV reporter and legislative aide. Middle of the road Libertarian (as if that actually existed) who reviews current news items and stories, and offers an alternative point of view.
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