Vieques Tourism: robbery of of tourists on camera

This week I penned an article asking the question, ‘Is Vieques safe for tourists.’  I shared the article on the local Vieques discussion page on Facebook and invited comments from local residents.  The comments were mostly negative as many felt that I was an ‘outsider’ and that the report did nothing but harm people on Vieques.  I respectfully disagreed, and noted that it is the murder rate and theft (not to mention litter) that is harming Vieques, the article was simply reporting that fact.

Now we have even more evidence that makes the question of safety on Vieques for tourists.  A picture from a security camera shows a group of tourists being robbed at gun point while having dinner!  The picture speaks for itself.  Do you think it is safe to visit Vieques?  Many residents believe it is.  I leave the decision to the reader.

Vieques toursts being robbed


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10 Responses to Vieques Tourism: robbery of of tourists on camera

  1. Withheld says:

    We just returned from a vacation on Vieques Island. We also was robbed at gun point on 8-18-14.
    I will never return to that island. The 5 police that showed up to the house sat out side only one came inside the house. They didn’t even record or wright a statement of what happened. We were just asked for our names and addresses. They acted like no big deal. We left the island the next morning.The next night there was two murders . One of them was another robbery and the owner went for the gun and was shot and killed. This island is not safe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have looked online for a crime report for the island. I was told they don’t post the reports. I guess so know one will know how bad it really is.

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  2. Brian says:

    What a sad story. This poor man was living his dream when he was cut down by thugs. As things stand today nothing will change. There isn’t enough interest from those in power. I wouldn’t travel to Vieques under any circumstances. My condolences to Ian’s loved ones.


  3. I completely agree! I had my heart set on moving to Vieques & made some amazing friends on the island. But with the escalating crime rate & all of the stories I had heard, I changed my mind. Such a shame because it’s a beautiful island! 😦 Obviously the local businesses don’t want to deter tourists from visiting, but it’s important to be an informed traveler. Thanks for sharing!


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  5. LUIS V says:

    The vieques government if not on the drug dealers payroll . needs to request the federal government to bring in the us marshalls to take over the police duties .. I was born in vieques my family is one of the oldest 125 years . The vieques cops are on the take or fear for their families , All the locals know each other , i am moving there because i have a house ,and i am sick of the racism in the states , I am getting a gun . i grew up in small town midwest .with guns my step father was a marine nco in vieques and i went hunting with him and his family in missouri lousy new york punk is going to rob me ,


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