The morality of the death penalty (from Pan Am Post)

Puerto Rico Needs the Death Penalty, Not Superficial Moralism

To Do Nothing Is to Let the Reign of Organized Crime Continue

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Time and time again I hear the same response to my proposals for Puerto Rico: “you have many good ideas, but the death penalty is unacceptable.”+

I understand the natural fear and rational distrust of government abuse. I seek limited government and maximum personal freedom, while maintaining a working society.+

I cannot accept, however — in the face of more than 5,000 murders in the last six years in Puerto Rico — that somehow the government should be unable to put to death those who deserve to die. It is the moral thing to go with those who murder others or who commit insurrection against the independent country, once it is established.+

All other options to curb violent crime on the island, except three, have been tried in the last 20 years. And all three are in my proposal: the right to keep and bear arms, an end to the drug war, and a short-cycle death penalty.+

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