Yes means yes, means more false rape allegations *UPDATED*

The great state of California has done it again, given every male a reason to bale and find another home.  The legislature has passed a ‘yes means yes’ bill which would govern how rape cases are investigated and prosecuted on college campus.’   The bill goes on to Governor Jerry Brown who has not yet indicated whether he will sign or veto.  Let’s be honest, Brown is a liberal with strong ties to radical feminism.  He is going to sign the bill and call himself a hero of the left.

Until a woman claims she didn’t say yes to Jerry; and then he will talk about how the law can be abused.

IN the meantime, hormone driven young men and women will continue their alcohol and drug fueled parties that will lead to plenty of quick sex in a hook up culture.  I’m all for free love and youthful stupidity, as long as it is kept as just that.  The choices we make over our bodies are the most personal and any government attempt to define what our choices actually mean; is a bad thing.  Whether it is a question over reproductive choice or whom we marry or how we communicate our sexual desires; government has no place to butt in.

Rape, real rape; is a terrible and violent crime.  It involves forced sexual intercourse by one person or another, whether man or woman or two of the same sex.  This means it should also apply to envelopment, that is a woman forcing intercourse on a man or a man on another man and forced oral sex between any two or more people.  But it doesn’t.  Rape only means penetration (almost exclusively) by a man.  It does not apply to women coercing men into sexual activities, nor to women forcing other women into sexual activities.

Women are not innocent. Many women are just plain evil.  (First person ever to tell me that was a woman.)  California already has a ‘change of mind statute’ which of course only applies to women.  If a woman changes her mind or even hints at changing her mind during sex, even at the very moment of orgasm (which may be physically impossible to stop completely – especially for an 18 or 19 year old) the man; and only the man can be convicted of rape and sentenced to 20 years in prison even if consent was given affirmatively at the outset.  It has already happened.

That is insane.  For the reverse of this sad equation, consider that a woman could be on top, and the man could; for what ever reason decide he does not wish to continue.  This actually happened to me once.  Did she stop?  Nope.  But consider for a moment that the woman is ‘really into it’ and wants to continue.  If she keeps going after the man say, I really don’t want to continue, and she adjusts her self down the shaft of the penis one quarter of an inch to talk about it, is she a rapist?

If a man does the exact same thing, he is considered a rapist.

Well folks, sometimes rape, isn’t rape.  Sometimes it is made up, sometimes it is exaggerated and sometimes it is just two human beings trying to figure out what they are doing.

The ‘yes means yes’ statute if signed into law will be yet another tool angry women will have to destroy the lives of men.  All it takes is an accusation to destroy a man.  An accusation and some minor evidence of sexual activity.  For example, lets say a woman wants to get back at her boyfriend for any offense.  She has sex with him and then calls the cops or campus police and says, ” I never gave him clear consent.”  Or she could just say, “you know…I changed my mind and he moved in the wrong direction, he ejaculated in me!”

BINGO!  Rapist, sex offender, life ruined.  Girl, not harmed.  Real victims of real rape, which should be defined as by force, coercion or subjugation only and then actually require the accuser (not victim) to prove it; are never saved nor protected by these kinds of laws.  Instead what we will see is more men terrified to say anything negative to women, women with absolute power and men with no choice; and a dramatic rise in rape allegations and convictions of innocent men.  This is what is wrong with feminism.

This is yet another reason why the sex offender registry should be abolished.

If you are a man living in California, become gay or get out as quick as you can. You may be running out of time and freedom.

***UPDATE: As expected, California Governor Jerry Brown has signed the bill into law.  We recommend not sending your sons to college in the state.


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Semi-retired Media Relations guy, former radio and TV reporter and legislative aide. Middle of the road Libertarian (as if that actually existed) who reviews current news items and stories, and offers an alternative point of view.
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