Allowing illegals to vote destroys liberty

It starts with a state-issued ID or driver’s license; it leads to illegal immigrants voting in elections and it ends with the fall of nations.

Several years ago, Puerto Rico joined a growing number of states that allow state IDs and driver’s licenses to be issued to illegal immigrants. Now, in the midst of a visit by the president of the Dominican Republic, Governor Alejandro García Padilla has announced plans to allow illegals, Dominicans in particular, to vote in Puerto Rico.

Voting rights for non-citizens have been an issue for nearly as long as the United States has been a country. It’s a debate that is likely to continue, as the political future (or partisan future) of the United States is at stake. There is a fundamental question remains: should someone from a foreign country be allowed to determine how US taxpayer money is spent?

Let me put this another way: the next time Puerto Ricans vote on whether to be a state, independent country, or remain a commonwealth, illegal immigrants could very well be the deciding factor.

That’s to say that a petition to the US Congress asking for admission as a state, voting representation in Congress, and billions in extra US taxpayer dollars could be decided on by people who are not US citizens and may not have our best interests in mind.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Let me weave a potential outcome for you of what could happen in Puerto Rico if illegals were allowed to vote.

If passed into law, Cuba and Venezuela could send illegals to Puerto Rico to get licenses and register to vote, perhaps nudging the country in the direction of their own communist ideology. Would Cuban and Venezuelan regimes, with their new masters in China, be willing to do such a thing?

Consider this: there are various reports that the Chinese military are interested in acquiring an airbase in the Azores islands. The United States is downsizing its presence at the strategic Lajes Field at Terceira. Chinese naval ships have begun routinely patrolling the area, and China’s president recently visited the islands.

China has also been expanding its military presence in the Indian Ocean, in what religious conservative Steven Collins views as a plan of “encirclement” against an adversarial India. And who can ignore China’s growing influence in Latin America, which appears to mirror the encirclement philosophy?

Where the United States opens its doors or closes its doors, China rushes in to fill the gap. Articles at the PanAm Post have detailed the Chinese-Russian invasion of Latin America here, here, here, here, and here.

Well, guess what? Puerto Rico has two very big and very unused military bases: the former Ramey Air force Base in Aguadilla (with a runway long enough to land a space shuttle) and the former Naval Station Roosevelt Roads with a major runway in Ceiba.

So the answer is yes. It would absolutely make strategic sense for China to fund a wave of illegal immigration into Puerto Rico from its communist friends in Central and South America and the Caribbean in order to sway the votes in Puerto Rico towards socialist-led independence.

Let that possibility sink in for a moment.

When you allow illegal immigrants to flood your country and then vote, you allow them to bring their political ideologies with them. That spells trouble for anyone who believes in liberty. That is why I am one of the few self-described libertarians (albeit a conservative one) who opposes open borders.

Of course, this also falls into the secret plan by the Popular Democratic Party to make Puerto Rico an independent nation via the back door anyway. This rumored scheme, one of the few conspiracy theories I actually believe, has been in play for decades on the island and some say dates back to the days of Luis Muñoz Marin who supported independence early in his career, but wanted to develop the island’s economy first.

The truth is, this is dirty politics. The Governor’s show of magnamity during this week’s visit by the president of the Dominican Republic appears more to be about his own political future than anything good for the people of Puerto Rico. First he wants to get re-elected and second, he wants to the president of the Socialist Republic of Puerto Rico.

This photo from Radio Isla shows the Governor trying to do his best presidential imitation at the Governor’s Mansion.

Governor's Mansion.

Governor’s Mansion, Puerto Rico.

So for those of you who support illegal immigration and want illegals to vote, take a moment to consider the unintended consequences.  When illegals vote, can you be certain what are they going to vote for?


About worleyf

Semi-retired Media Relations guy, former radio and TV reporter and legislative aide. Middle of the road Libertarian (as if that actually existed) who reviews current news items and stories, and offers an alternative point of view.
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