One rule for Puerto Rican prosperity: thou shall not steal

An uncle by marriage once told me, its not the hardest worker that survives in Puerto Rico; ‘es el mas listo.’  While ‘listo’ means smart, it is a deviant kind of smart.  It refers to street smarts, not college level intelligence.

The unfortunate truth is that he was right.  Puerto Rico rarely rewards those who work hard and are honest.  Honest people are viewed as useful idiots, decency is shunned; courtesy ridiculed and walked over.

A wealthy family friend, commenting on local politics once said, ‘mejor los pillos mios, que los pillos tuyos.’  (better my thieves, than yours)  He was a strong financial supporter of the Popular Democratic Party.  While distasteful, his comments were also an accurate description of the way politics in Puerto Rico work.  No one denies the corruption in government, in fact in many ways the powers that be embrace it.

Yet there is a fundamental moral question that never gets asked, much less answered: if the people responsible for creating and enforcing the law do not respect it and abide by it themselves, then why should anyone else follow the law?  The result you get, is what is seen in the streets of Puerto Rico every single day.

For Puerto Rico to pull itself out of the economic and moral abyss it currently finds itself, it need only apply one simple rule: thou shall not steal. If you’ve read my work for sometime you know I am not a religious person.  I do not attend church nor preach submission or conversion.  I do, however; believe in a God and a right and wrong.

I also believe in a simple law called, cause and effect.  Puerto Rico today is the effect of the cause of years of negligence and theft of a massive scale of people, property, decency, freedom and Liberty.

Any future government of the U.S. commonwealth must find a way to adhere to this very simple rule and apply it universally to create a true voluntary society.  The island territory is the effect of of years of socialist indoctrination.  That indoctrination legitimizes theft of all things.

Socialism teaches to tolerate the intolerable, forgive the unforgivable, excuse the inexcusable and surrender all attachment to justice and commonsense.

It is long past time that the New Progressive Party begin to live by the fundamental conservative views up which it was founded.  Whether for independence or statehood, Puerto Rico will not long survive, nor its people ever thrive under the socialist left ideology of the democratic party.

To further explain how expansive theft is I encourage you to watch this video from Prager University with subtitles in Spanish explaining how ‘thou shalt not steal’ can make the world and Puerto Rico a far, far better place.


About worleyf

Semi-retired Media Relations guy, former radio and TV reporter and legislative aide. Middle of the road Libertarian (as if that actually existed) who reviews current news items and stories, and offers an alternative point of view.
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