#Socialist government action plan: blame someone, take their money

Greece is bankrupt.  It is a country bankrupted by false promises made by politicians to buy votes.  (Sounds like Puerto Rico right?) So what to do?  Pass a few cuts here and there agree to a plan to restructure its debt and get a huge backlash from voters who have been convinced by years of propaganda that somehow, money falls from trees and someone else is to blame.

What to do?

Well Greece has come up with a plan: blame Germany and demand their money.

A good political strategy involves a little slight of hand or at least misdirection.  It all started back when Germany and other EU countries demanded that Greece balance its checkbooks before getting anymore bailout money.  (God forbid, but again; sounds like Puerto Rico).

The Greek redirection strategy focuses on World War II and the evil of the NAZI German empire.  Now, granted; Hitler is long dead and the NAZI’s who weren’t saved by ‘operation paperclip’ were hung or imprisoned.  Since then Germany suffered decades as a divided nation with half under the control of the west and half under Soviet Union control until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In other words, the people of Germany have more than paid for their crimes, but Greece needs money now, ( in 2015) so why not demand compensation for WWII; which ended in 1945?  Get the picture?  How many Greeks who suffered directly in WWII are still alive? Greek politicians also want you to forget that Germany already paid war reparations!

Its not that Greece and other countries haven’t demanded such reparations in the past, but after the war there wasn’t much of Germany left to pay anything.  So in addition to what was mandated in the treaties ending the war, they paid in foreign governance and global condemnation for NAZI atrocities.  Slowly rebuilt in the decades following the war Germany had to ‘rebuild’ again after the fall of communism and reunification of the country.

The hard push for compensation now however, is a thin smoke screen to cover the desperation of the Greek government to find anyway to balance their books.  Expect Puerto Rico’s government to do the same as its options become fewer and fewer to fix the islands fiscal disaster.

The only thing left is for Puerto Rico to come up with something to blame the United States for, like only spending 25 billion dollars a year to maintain the island. Too bad they can’t blame the Navy anymore.


About Cacique

Semi-retired Media Relations guy, former radio and TV reporter and legislative aide. Middle of the road Libertarian (as if that actually existed) who reviews current news items and stories, and offers an alternative point of view.
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