Puerto Rico and Latin American economies face robotic future

More news on the robot front.  A new report IHS Engineering 360 says that in 30 years robots will be able to perform any function performed by humans.  Any function.  That would include doctors, dentists, waiters, carpenters (politicians?).

That is a scary prospect for developing third and second world countries.  It is also a major development for the first world.  If robots can replace humans, without taking sick days or vacation days and could at some point be less expensive than humans, why would anyone hire humans?

The Socialist/Marxist world of Latin American politics will rise up very soon to confront this growing menace to any idea of a worker’s paradise.  It will be their number one issue (in my not so humble view) within a decade.  They will seek to stop robot development but robotics will flash forward in the same explosive manner than computing, cell phones and the internet.

Ready or not, the robots are coming in the workplace, on the street, in the air; and even more scary; on the battlefield.  Might be time to start building Battlestars, because…you never know.

Image result for Battlestar galactica cylons

Scary sci-fi stuff aside the world as a whole really needs to start looking at new economic models based on the reality of the coming robot takeover of regular work performed by humans.  If humans can’t work and have no money, then how exactly will they buy the goods manufactured and pay for the services performed by robots?

How do you prepare people for retirement if they don’t have a job to save or pay into a retirement system in the first place?  How do you tax the unemployed?

This is a true paradigm shift in the global economy and failure to prepare for it is an invitation to disaster.  There is no question that the defense departments of the world are working hard on preparing the battlefield for the next generation of robots.  That is expected and dispute recent calls for banning robots from the battlefield you can guarantee that the strongest nations will have them and the weaker nations will be as afraid of them as they are of rogue nations with nuclear weapons.

How do you build an economy, devoid of human workers?

I don’t have any answers right now, but I do have questions.  Many, many questions.


About worleyf

Semi-retired Media Relations guy, former radio and TV reporter and legislative aide. Middle of the road Libertarian (as if that actually existed) who reviews current news items and stories, and offers an alternative point of view.
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