Spanking and hitting kids works and you agree now

Members of the left and right are loudly applauding a mother who beat her son repeatedly to get him off the streets of Baltimore during this weeks protests.  The viral video (below) shows her hitting her son about the head and face while he tried to hide behind a mask.

The mother simply refused to allow her son to be a part of the psychotic madness that had gripped much of the city in the wake of the death of a black youth while in police custody.  The issue of police killing people (whites are killed by police 3 times as much as blacks) is an issue worthy of investigation an protest, but these were not protests.  These were race riots occurring under the incumbency of a black president.  But I digress…

The issue here is that Americans widely applauded the mother’s clear assault on her son as the right thing to do.  I agree.  But under current laws a parent doing that to a kid would land the parent in jail (except in this case) and the child in foster care likely being abused more by their foster parents.  Kids in foster care have a dramatically increased risk of physical and sexual abuse by their foster parents than average kids in their original homes.

I have long supported spanking for kids and corporal punishment for repeat offenders of some crimes.  Nothing will stop a thief from being a thief more than to face physical pain for having committed the crime.  Hard labor and forcing them to pay back court fees and the cost of the stolen items plus damages should also be part of the overall rehabilitation of the inmate.

I included this proposal in my original ‘A Puerto Rican Manifesto’ and it was widely criticized.  So I ask you, do you believe it is OK to hit kids and beat criminals into compliance?  Yes or no.

Here is where you have a real tough moral contradiction to face.  Do you applaud what the mother did to the young man in the streets of Baltimore, yes or no?  If your answer is yes, then you support spanking kids and physical punishment for inmates.  There is no way around it.  You support physical violence as a means of changing behavior.

I stand by my original proposal to allow parents to discipline their children in the manner of their choosing as long as that does not endanger the life of the child or cause serious or permanent harm.  I also stand by my original proposal to use corporal and physical punishment on repeat offenders as part of an overall plan to get them to go straight.

I challenge you one last time.  If this were a father, beating his daughter off the streets because she was participating in violent protests against the G8 in Seattle, would you still support it?  I would.  Equality under the law is non-negotiable.  If we celebrate a mother beating her son to get her out of a violent street action; we MUST celebrate a father beating his daughter to get her out of the same kind of situation.

Watch the video one more time and think about it.  IF you do not support what I have written above then you must immediately take to social media and condemn this mother for assaulting her son.  If you are not willing to do so, then buy a copy of ‘A Puerto Rican Manifesto‘ and sign our petition for independence.

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