Freddie Gray: another theory

Marxism and Fascism thrive on chaos. No justice no peace?  No chaos no communist revolution.  This thought kept swirling through  my mind as I watched the ‘protesters’ destroy parts of Baltimore in the wake of the death of Freddie Gray.

The patchy, sometimes contradictory media coverage makes it harder to sift through to the truth.  It doesn’t help that the prosecutor in the case recited ‘revolutionary’ speech during her announcement of an indictment against 6 officers.   One sheriff said on FoxNews this is Duke Lacrosse and Zimmerman all over again referring to previous rushes to judgement.

So lets review the facts as they are or aren’t according to the jumbled mess coming via the media and internet.

Gray came face to face with a cop and without warning or apparent cause ran like hell.  The cop got help and arrested him.  The arrest was video taped by a (just happened to be there) bystander and he was not seriously injured.  He was placed in a police van where another prisoner alleged he was trying to hurt himself by banging his head on the side of the van.

He was complaining like he was hurt with police as he was put into the van, but since he turned his neck several times it is clear that he had not broken his neck at this point.  The injury occurred inside the van.  The injury occurred in a part of the van where police officers do not sit.

NPR Timeline of arrest and death Includes video of the outside of the van.

The ‘other prisoner’ now claims he didn’t say that.  He says that he is afraid for his life and wants people to know he didn’t say those things.  So now both the original statement and his recant are suspect since he recanted under threat of death; not from police mind you, but from protesters.

Another witness on the street alleges that at some point the van made a stop (it made several on route to its original destination which was the police department) that police opened the van to check on Gray and started beating him with night sticks. In plain light of day on the side of the street?

The claim from protesters was that this was a racist attack by white police on a black youth.  Except that it wasn’t.  Some of the officers charged are black and they work on a black majority police department in a city with a black mayor.  A mayor who said she was giving protesters room to destroy, but then said she didn’t.

When I look at Ferguson and the death of Eric Garner and now Baltimore, I begin to see a pattern.  Not of police brutality but of a Duke Lacrosse type rush to judgement followed by politically encouraged protests and then violence.  No charges were filed in Ferguson because the cop told the truth.  He was attacked and he defended himself.  IN the case of Gardner it took a while to get the truth out.  He did not die on the street choked to death as was widely reported and repeatedly claimed.  He did in a police van of a heart attack.

In Gardner’s case he was arrested for selling illegal cigarettes as I understand.  So his life could have been saved by repealing the stupid and unfair anti-smoking laws.  But I digress…  He resisted arrest, fought with police and then died later.  Another ‘gentle giant’ just like in Ferguson.

So a small worm of an idea began to grow in my mind and it blossomed into a theory.  I must emphasis that this is a theory only and I have not proof that it is true, but it had enough credibility in my mind that I had to at least share it and leave it open for comment.

Here is the theory:

With the election and re-election of a Black president; the far left is desperate to keep the race issue alive in America.  One would assume that Barak Obama’s election would have cleansed the United States of all rational accusations of institutional racism and that only individuals could be considered racist.

However, the perpetual fight for equality (which was achieved long, long ago) individuals cannot be the enemy.  The enemy must be institutional.  The easy targets are police, gun owners and conservatives.  Anyone who loves law and order is by default anti-Marxist.  If you oppose illegal immigration you are a racist and therefore the left must attack you.

This week in Dallas a pro-immigration rally and anti-police brutality rally are joining forces to rally together and attack the Baltimore police.  Wait, what?  This shows the left for what it really is; completely against any rule of law.  Open borders, no police.  Chaos, breeds Marxism, Fascism etc.

So what if Freddie Gray and others intentional set up police?  What if his plan was to get arrested and then fake his own injuries to claim police brutality and thus justify the lawlessness that followed that was in fact, already planned?  Ironically, this crazy left field theory seems to fit the facts perfectly.

So this would mean that Gray and others had to have planned in advance what to do to get arrested and what to do once arrested and also what to do after the arrest.  Gray would have had to have run to a predetermined location so there would be a camera person waiting to film.

If the theory is true, then Gray had to make sure he had injuries sufficient to require medical treatment so he had to hit himself hard enough to cause serious damage.  According to the other prisoner; he was ‘thrashing around’ and hitting his head apparently angry about getting arrested.

He hit himself multiple times and if this theory is correct then he hit himself one time too hard and died a week later in the hospital.

Now granted, this could be completely wrong.  It could very well be that the police ruffed him up inside the van to get him back for running for resisting.  Cops have done stuff like that before.  Police brutality is real and does exist.  Problem is when a cop really does murder a suspect without cause he is usually arrested and prosecuted and that does nothing to further the cause of the Marxist left.

Just like Fascism Feminism, immigration rights etc, black rights must have a victim.  No victim, no crime, no excuse to riot; no rights movement.

I have no way to verify or even dismiss my own theory; but I do wonder if we will every really know what happened.  It just seems to me too hard to believe that police had an opportunity to do him significant harm during the arrest and chose not to, but somehow waited until he was in a van to slam him into the doorknob.  (which matched the injuries to his neck not a nightstick)

Maybe this was a case of police murder, maybe it was just Gray being angry and hurting himself accidentally or maybe it was a plan to create the kind of Chaos that communism craves.  We will probably never know the answer.

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