Reading to your kids and other dangerous privileges

If you read to your children at bedtime, you are giving them an unfair advantage over children whose parents don’t.  That is the basis of a report that has been all the rage this week.  It started at ABC Australia:

The power of the family to tilt equality hasn’t gone unnoticed, and academics and public commentators have been blowing the whistle for some time. Now, philosophers Adam Swift and Harry Brighouse have felt compelled to conduct a cool reassessment.

Swift in particular has been conflicted for some time over the curious situation that arises when a parent wants to do the best for her child but in the process makes the playing field for others even more lopsided.

In other words, if you are a good parent; you are bad for society.  By teaching your children right from wrong, reading to them, expecting them to be good people and using discipline; thus teaching the fundamental law of action and consequence, you are harming other people.

This is the kind of mind-fu** thinking that has destroyed Puerto Rico and is rapidly destroying western nations like Great Britain, Australia, Canada and the United States.  It makes a broad and senseless assumption that somehow being good or being better is wrong.  Not only wrong, but harmful to others.

This is where the left arrives at the idea that an income gap (or the feminist falsified ‘wage-gap) are important issues.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  My wealth, or lack of it; was not caused by you, it was caused by me and my actions.  Your financial situation was not caused by me, it was caused by you and your choices and actions.

A boy or girl raised in a white, upper middle class family with good parents and nice private school is not the cause nor the effect of a child raised in a broken family, with little money and bad schools.  Yet to hear the left explain the problems of the world, the wealthy are evil people who take money from the poor.  What?

This was probably true back in the middle ages when Kings could tax you and give you no benefits.  It hasn’t been true for decades, maybe centuries.

But socialism and Marxism cannot survive without a victim and a criminal.  So logically these ideologies pick the largest number of votes to be the victims and the smaller number of votes to be the aggressors.  Yet decades and decades of proof that wealth redistribution and taxing the rich does not work haven’t convinced anyone on the left to change their tune.

Cuba, Venezuela, Greece and a host of other nations and cities whose left policies have failed to provide for their people are always written off as if they never happened or if some external force was to blame for the conditions created by government.  The wild success of free market capitalism in the United States and now China’s foray into communist/capitalism are still not enough.

The abject slaughter carried out by socialists like Stalin, Mao and Hitler (yes, Hitler led a party called the ‘national socialist workers party’) are ignored.  Even Pol Pot’s killing fields are not considered when considering leftist thinking and its results.

Instead those of us in the realm of conservative libertarians are chided for our ‘conspiracy theories’ of the intentional dissolution of the family unit by government. Yes, it is intentional.  The left intends to destroy the family, because the family is the greatest opponent to total government control.   North Korea, the former Soviet Union and Cuba understand this and take children from an early age and prevent parents from having as much influence on their kids.

The United States and Puerto Rico have been doing this for some time in the name of protecting Children via CPS (Child Protective Services) and Departments of the ‘family.’  Our natural emotional tendency is to want to protect children, yet time and time again evidence shows that such organizations do nothing but destroy families and in many cases provide children for abusers and the child sex networks.  Evidence? Here, Here, Here and Here.  If you aren’t convinced spend an hour reading through each article the comes up when you Google ‘CPS child sex trafficking.’

It truly boggles the mind how anyone could believe in socialism or Marxism.  The evidence is so overwhelming you have to keep from reading to your children in order to hide it.

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