Puerto Rico independence and the socialist mental disorder

Some time ago on my blog at the Pan Am Post I called for the creation of a new Puerto Rican independence movement.  The article still gets read from time to time and I regularly get comments and emails from people on the topic.

When the comments come from the Puerto Rico independence party they usually look something like this:

You’re a capitalist? And how many working class slaves do you have working for you to make all the millions of $$ to declare yourself a capitalist, or is it just because you believe in exploitation of the planet and the working class? What is your concept of capitalism, and what do you know about socialism? Or, rather, where did you get your understanding, or lack of?  Do us all a favor and don’t trip over yourself to try and come up with something to justify your stand?

I on the other hand do know exactly what capitalism is and even though I’ve never experienced socialism do know exactly what it is.

“I’ve never experienced socialism, but I know exactly what it is?”  This comment came from a person going by the handle HxText.  It continued, but the rest is not worth repeating.  This is the madness of socialism in Puerto Rico and Latin America and this is why the Puerto Rico independence movement has has failed to get the island any closer to independence in more than 50 years.

My response?

I don’t have to justify anything, the working class exists because capitalism exists.  Capitalism has lifted billions out of poverty, while socialism in the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, Cambodia and others has led to nothing but poverty and collapse.  Greece and the United States, and Puerto Rico face bankruptcy not because of capitalism but because ALL of those countries have fallen towards socialism.

China on the other hand; a communist country, released its economic system from the disaster of socialism and opened the door to capitalism.  Result?  They are now the world’s largest economy.

You’re damn right I’m a capitalist!  You’re damn right I believe in free markets.  You are damn right I intend to make a better Puerto Rico.  Why would anyone support the Puerto Rico independence movement under its push for socialism?  That would be insane.  History is replete with examples of how socialism fails and capitalism succeeds.  Even the most die hard socialist, if they were even remotely intellectually honest would admit (and some have) that capitalism works far better than socialism.

Who goes to Cuba and says, ‘wow, what an efficient system?”  Who clamors for a return of Soviet style economies?  Who demands a walk into the killing fields of Cambodia?  Does anyone really want to count the bodies left behind by Chairman Mao?

Here is the most important part of the failure of the Puerto Rico independence movement: their adherence to socialism and communism have driven the average Puerto Rican voter AWAY from their ideal.  That is why I’ve often argued the the PIP doesn’t really want independence.  If they did they would endorse free market capitalism and civil liberties even if it was just a ruse.

They don’t and won’t stand a chance at independence as long as they reject movements like mine.  Even if they do change as a ruse, no one would believe them.  I certainly would not.  In changing from pro-statehood to pro-independence my core values never changed.  I have always believed in liberty, free market capitalism, personal choice, personal responsibility, private property rights and the right to keep bear and use arms in self defense.

In many ways, my support of independence simply fulfills my original beliefs.  America has lost its way and is no longer a free country.  Puerto Rico’s options are to be taken down with the titanic or take a chance on a lifeboat of freedom, if only we could get the fake independentistas out of the way and make way for the freedom loving conservatives lost in the status wars of ‘Borinquen.’

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