The Winds of War

If you’ve ever seen the Paramount Pictures/ABC Television classic miniseries ‘The Winds of War,’ you might be inclined to believe it is happening all over again.  The same goes for the classic 20th Century Fox movie ‘Tora Tora Tora‘ about the lead up to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Looking back at World War II, the signs were everywhere, at least they were in 20/20 hindsight.   At the time, most people just didn’t have a clue and didn’t want one.  That sentiment is once again the prevailing view in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Like the rise of Hitler and expansionist Japan; today’s rise of the radical Islam, the return of Russia as a superpower and the rise and expansion of China are just side stories to the latest I Phone or the new Taylor Swift video.   Anyone who ignored the movements of the Pacific Fleet from San Diego to Hawaii in 1940 might have something in common with those who today ignore the Spratly Island disputes, strange spending patterns of the U.S. government and the need for an ultra secret ‘Trade bill’ that grants the President new authorities.

You might be called a ‘conspiracy theorist if you questioned Operation ‘Jade Helm’ (Jade being a gemstone often associated with the far east and China) and the slew of mass military drills currently on going or planned for this summer and later this year.  Those operations are being carried out in and include troops from the United States, Canada, NATO, the Mediterranean, Russia, China, Scotland, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Norway and even the Arctic.

Hilter and Japan’s threats were mostly ignored by the American people and the west in general.  He was written off as a lunatic, much like the Islamic State and the rise of a Caliphate is regarded today.  The occasional terror attack and threats to annihilate Israel and the United States ignored even in the wake of 9/11.

This week NewsMax reported that China is now warning of war with the US.  Much of this comes under expansionist claims of the Spratly Islands, but includes other issues such as Taiwan.  Those island, which are clearly outside of any rational 200 mile exclusive economic zone are rich with oil resources and are claimed by Vietnam and the Philippines (Where most of the islands and open ocean actually fall within those nations EEZ) as well as other countries.

China’s military has long been threatening war with the United States and have often referred to the potential use of a limited nuclear weapons exchange.  The Chinese military has been working diligently to match the U.S. technologically although they have outnumbered the U.S. in nearly every category except naval power for years.  Even the U.S. naval dominance of the pacific is being challenged with the deployment of China’s first ever aircraft carrier.

The confluence of all of these events is chilling.  Does president Obama’s new ‘trade authority’ (which was focused on Asia) have anything to do with the on going tensions?  Does this mean closer ‘economic’ ties with Vietnam and a return of U.S. military forces to the Philippines?   And what about the incredible national debt and +500 trillion dollar  global derivatives bubble and the set up for a global recession?

Are the nations of the world preparing for global economic collapse or are they preparing for World War III or perhaps both.

The bottom line for Puerto Rico is preparation.  However, the current economic situation and generally misguided leadership of the territory do not lend to good preparedness.  Ironically, part of Operation ‘Jade Helm’ is to be held in Puerto Rico.

Regardless of your status preference, it may be time to get what is left of your house in order and prepare for the worst…just in case.

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