Court declares Puerto Rico weapons law unconstitutional

In a decision that has taken far too long to be made Puerto Rico has decided to validate the second amendment of the U.S. constitution.  According to a report in Metro Salinas First Court Judge Anibal Lugo Irizary found Law 404 (Ley de armas) unconstitutionally prohibitive to gun ownership.

Under the law applicants had to obtain paperwork and prove to a judge at a cost of several hundred dollars; their ‘need’ for a weapon.

Under the ruling the judge says applicants need only complete the paperwork required by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) since it essentially was the same as the initial process for buying a weapon in Puerto Rico.

Sandra Barreras of the group Women of the Second Amendment came out in strong support of the ruling.  She argues that no one is forced to pay a fee in order to acquire or exercise any other right guaranteed by the constitution. Nor are we expected to prove we are a good citizen in order to exercise a right.  The weapons law also required applicants to acquire a ‘certificate of good conduct’ from the police department.

Curiously the left leaning media in Puerto Rico have been mostly silent on the issue.  Even Metro buried the story.  Given the level of gun violence one would expect the local media to report heavily on the story.

Puerto Rico now needs a concealed carry, open carry and ‘stand your ground’ law.  Given the ineffectiveness of the local police to stop the tsunami of crime the island has been under for decades it is about time to put power back into the hands of citizens to defend themselves.

We predict that crime will drop quickly if the commonwealth decides to allow people to not only have guns, but to use them in self defense.  We should never forget that gun control only applies to those who obey the law.  It never applies to criminals since they, by definition, don’t.

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2 Responses to Court declares Puerto Rico weapons law unconstitutional

  1. Thank you for publishing. Great article. Would like to add that we had gun regystry for many years and has not solved a single crime, registry has only been used for gun confiscation when people can’t afford to renew the license or presumptions of breaking the law.


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