Puerto Rico: governors speech falls short

Listening to tonight’s speech by Puerto Rico governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla was an exercise in disappointment.  The governor, who sounded nervous at the begining of his speech; spoke in general of solutions, but once again avoided the kinds of specifics needed.  He mentioned some things that were a good start and some that were horrific.

First the good.  He called for a radical restructuring of the Puerto Rico government.  He referred to the problem as one of ‘math’ which I have repeatedly suggested in my blogs both here and at the PanAm Post.  He called for bi-partisan unity and he called for the creation of a special commission to report by mid August on the pathway forward.


He then took time to mention he hadn’t laid anyone off and was thus fulfilling his promise (the one that got him elected) not to do so.  He repeatedly referred to the debt as unpayable; and then offered no real substantive changes.

He warned others who might seek to profit politically or financially from the crisis that the people of Puerto Rico would be ‘united’ against them.


That is exactly how he got himself elected.  Calling for bi-partisan support is the height of hypocrisy.  The New Progressive Party will not provide him the support he is asking for, because of one simple reason.  He didn’t provide it for them, when they first tried to deal with this crisis 4 years ago.  Instead he rolled his opposition and false promises into a major public sector union support and an election win.

I would suggest that if the governor wants support from the NPP he should first publicly apologize for having lied to the people of Puerto Rico and accept publicly that Luis Fortuño was right about laying off public employees.

I couldn’t help avoid the fact that his reference to ‘others profiting politically’ was also a stab at this blog and our movement MIRE.  (Movimiento Independentista Republicano).  While we are a small group, our influence is growing.  So much so, that the governor keeps repeating the word ‘math’ every chance he gets.

That is significant, because he never used that term before.  It only occurred after I used it multiple times in my articles here and at PanAm Post.  In other words he is listening and he is concerned.

A crisis like the one Puerto Rico currently faces can be used by opportunistic politicians like AGP to get elected or for his opponents to get their electoral revenge.  It can also spur movements like ours to change the way things are done in a real substantive way.

Let’s review the MIRE plans for fixing Puerto Rico’s debt problem.

  1. Cut the size of government and lay off no less than 30% of public employees.
  2. Eliminate public sector unions and prohibit unions in all primary services
  3. Make remaining union membership voluntary, no ‘closed shops,’ Puerto Rico should be a ‘right to work’ territory or country.
  4. Eliminate all taxes and keep only a sales, corporate and income tax with all using the same exact percentage.  No deductions for personal income so that no one will have to file a return or wait months for a check from Hacienda that may never come.  Focus Hacienda on corporate and business tax evasion.
  5. Eliminate regulations that impede business growth.  This means ending many of the ‘protections’ for workers.  Workers rights mean nothing if the there are no jobs.
  6. Eliminate the minimum wage.  (The governor is actually asking for an exemption based on recommendations from the IMF).
  7. End the war on drugs, use part of the profits from drugs and other vice to establish a national trust to invest in new business and build wealth for the entire country.
  8. Privatize, privatize, privatize.  There is no reason for the education system to be run by government.  Private industry get do better, cheaper faster.  The same goes for nearly every other agency and service operated by the government.
  9. Use independence to end the requirements to use the Jones Act shipping regulations and other federal programs such as the minimum wage (something the governor also suggested).
  10. Switch to nuclear power for both power generation and desalination to augment the islands water supply.

These are real concrete proposals.  They will have real and almost immediate effect.  Each one of them can be implemented within a matter of months (except for the construction of the Nuke and desalination plants) if independence is granted under my proposal which is the MIRE proposal.

If you are ready for real change, sign the petition for independence in Spanish or English and join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/RepublicadePuertoRicoCapitalista.

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Semi-retired Media Relations guy, former radio and TV reporter and legislative aide. Middle of the road Libertarian (as if that actually existed) who reviews current news items and stories, and offers an alternative point of view.
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One Response to Puerto Rico: governors speech falls short

  1. This is what i am watering as gunpowder in all the forums and international policy …..
    The “debt” is illegal. If you’re looking for the Base Structure Report published in October 2014, the Department of Defense supports the control of 1 million 900 thousand peak and acres of land in Puerto Rico. Do not pay a penny. Are our lands.
    If you are looking for in various portals of that entity, Puerto Rico appears for the handling of communications, climate control, production of wireless power (confirmed in the report of the Working Group of White House of the 2012 US producer of energy called “HUB”,
    For the French islands, Caribbean, Central and South America), and in Arecibo, an anti-missile shield, with the Anvil as electronic brain of the Southern Command. There is to be well underground not to affirm the right of the Puerto Rican nation to be compensated. We must not nothing. Unemployment demand the military and that we are compensated by never contaminate us. Let us look at the reality: scientific brigades….
    We support John Kerry. He told Russia on 5 March 2014 that when one country occupied to another with military troops elections are invalid. In Puerto Rico all acts that commit the people are invalids. Carried out by prisoners illegal.


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