“Born that way,” accept men for who we are

Let me take a moment and offend…well, everyone.  The point I make here today however, is none-the-less valid.

As a Libertarian I absolutely recognize and respect the right of individuals to live their lives and pursue their happiness in the way they choose.  I absolutely respect the right of privacy and the right of consenting adults to do as they choose in the privacy of their home and in their private lives as long as they are not hurting people who do not freely choose to participate.

Straight, gay, bi, trans, cross dresser; polygamous, polyamorous, I don’t care.  It isn’t any of my business and it isn’t the governments business either.

So much of the ‘rights’ movements during the end of the 20th century and the begining of the new century have not been about ‘choice,’ however; they are about natural rights and natural instincts.  The gay rights movement, to defend against the moralist attacks from the religious right, began to promote a theory that gays were ‘born that way.’  No one ever ‘chose’ to be gay, so discriminating against gays was an act of bigotry, the same has hating someone who was black, just because they were black.

To a very large degree they were correct.  Some people are born with certain ‘tastes,’ and others developed over time.   A persons personal desires should never be a matter for public admonition or condemnation and much less should it be a place for government to intervene.  I tell my republican friends that we can’t get government out of our lives (a long standing mantra of conservatism) if we do not first get government out of our bedrooms.

Women have demanded that men and business and government take their needs, wants, desires and even fears into account when making decisions, taking action, taxing and spending tax dollars.  Forget that every woman is different and that what is a funny joke for one is a deep offense and worthy of dismissal of a good employee for another.

Women should be respected for who they are and be treated as equals.  As I have said many times before, equality under the law is not negotiable.  Nor should it be.

There is only one problem, none of this applies to men.

Imagine if you approached a gay man and said, ‘look dude, you are a perv; we need to help you change to make you better.’  There would be outrage!  And it would be justified.  Imagine telling a bi-sexual woman that her desires are just incompatible with our society and therefore she cannot be allowed to be around children alone.  Outrage?  You betcha!

Yet men are not afforded such protection or respect when it comes to their personal and or sexual desires.  In fact, if we speak of our desires or proclaim our sexuality we can get fired, harassed and in some cases arrested.  If we express ourselves the way men do, we can face up to three years in jail in some jurisdictions.  Free speech?  What’s that?  Men are regularly and routinely prohibited from being alone with children and from hugging kids, which women do on a regular basis.

Men’s natural instincts to pursue women are called ‘stalking.’  Men’s instincts to try to woo a woman is ‘harassment.’  Men’s attempts to convince a women to have sex or to continue to have sex are called ‘rape.’   Men’s natural attraction to younger women over older women is called ‘perverted.’

Hey people, we were born this way.  It is bigoted for you to demand we change to your definition of what a ‘man’ should be.  We don’t have to ‘man up’ if we damn well don’t please.   This is us, we are here and we are men; hear us roar!

Now, as a Libertarian I very much oppose government intervention in our private lives.  However, as long as legal protections exist for women, gays, trans and minorities; men (including straight white males) should be given the exact same protections and choices.  The fact is that right now men are not protected in the same way and even exercising our basic right to self defense can get us arrested as an ‘abuser.’

If a woman can rape a teenage boy and get custody of the child born of that rape and force the victim to pay child support, then male rapists should be able to do so as well!  I don’t care if you don’t agree with what has already happened multiple times.  (Male victims of statutory rape being forced to pay child support) As long as it is allowed, male rapists should also be allowed full custody of children and be able to force their victims to pay child support.  Don’t like it?  Change the damn laws.

You have had it your way for many years now.  Now its time for our way, men’s way and whatever way we want it.  We are born this way.  We are born with certain instincts to protect, defend, pursue and yes, conquer, conquer, possess, control and conquer some more.  These are not bad characters, they are the wants and desires of men and we have as much a right to them as you have a right to your natural instincts.

Until men are actually treated equal under the law…or maybe until everyone ELSE is treated equally under the law, men should avoid anything that even hints of supporting the rights of others.  We should refuse to intervene to protect others, we should proclaim our personhood and sexuality and demand that others respect it!

If you are ‘born that way’ so are we!  Get over it.

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Semi-retired Media Relations guy, former radio and TV reporter and legislative aide. Middle of the road Libertarian (as if that actually existed) who reviews current news items and stories, and offers an alternative point of view.
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