Sweden Importing Terrorists: ‘Majority of Refugees Are Isis Supporters; Aim for Islam to Rule Sweden’

WARNING! GRAPHIC IMAGES of murder. Islam taking over Sweden.

The Muslim Issue

[h/t to our Swedish reader Hans for the story and the translation into English]

Swedish blogger Merit Wager was a Swedish legal representative (ombud) for asylum seekers during 15 years and have been involved in matters pertaining to asylum and migration since 1996.

Merit Wager is writing a book about the massive immigration problems in Sweden and is accepting donations on Kickstarter for those wanting to support her work. If you want to contribute, please follow the instructions through this link.

Mrs Wager has for several years been applauded as one of the most knowledgeable and balanced debates on issues that concern Swedish asylum policy. She is also known for having a wide network of contacts and enjoy great confidence among employees at the Immigration Office and others working with asylum management.

Merit Wager published a letter on her blog from an anonymous contact within Sweden’s Immigration services. Names…

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