NBC lacks balance on European immigration crisis

Watching NBC Nightly News tonight I was once again reminded why I don’t watch network news anymore.  Anchor Lestor Holt was broadcasting from southeastern Europe amid a flood of poor Syrian refugees.  He delivered a compelling story and even crossed journalistic ethics lines by delivering a compelling argument in favor of the immigrants.

Here is what he did not say.

He did not say why the immigrants were NOT going to Saudi Arabia, or the UAE with its mega jewel Dubai.  He did not say that Muslim countries (except Turkey) have taken about ZERO refugees.  He forgot to mention the ‘refugees’ were not going to Lebanon, Jordon, Egypt, Iran, Iraq or many other nations.

He did not say they had been welcomed in Turkey and many had jobs there.  He did not say why they were so clean cut, shaven and well dressed and some even having what appeared to be name brand backpacks.

He also failed to say that not all of these ‘refugees’ were from Europe.  They are coming in from across the Arab world and executing a variant of the same plan I proposed for Puerto Rico years ago: get people of like mindedness (in my case conservatives and Libertarians) and relocate to another geographic location until you have a majority and then vote for independence.

Lestor Holt also failed to mention that ISIS, Al Qaida (who are now curiously reported to be at war with each other), Sunni leaders and many an Iman have called for Muslims to relocated to Europe in order to expand the Islamic State and finally, successfully invade and conquer Europe.  Wait, before you call mean Islama-phobe please, read some history.

Muslims invaded Europe dozens of times and even held some ground long BEFORE the evil Christian crusades.  There are those who argue the whole point of the Crusades wasn’t to recapture Jerusalem, but to push back against the constant onslaught of Muslim invaders.  The Holy Land was only an excuse for continent wide self defense.

Here is a little of that history from in a YouTube Video presentation covering the long list of Muslim aggression:

So this new ‘peaceful’ colonization of Europe by Islam should be no surprise.  This is not a refugee crisis.  This is a well orchestrated attempt to overthrow the west.  Islam is at war with the west since it began.  The war never ended.

It is time the west wakes up to this reality and fights back accordingly, before it wakes up to Sharia Law.


About worleyf

Semi-retired Media Relations guy, former radio and TV reporter and legislative aide. Middle of the road Libertarian (as if that actually existed) who reviews current news items and stories, and offers an alternative point of view.
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