Arguing with a leftist

As is often the case, when I post an article on Twitter I get both compliments and attacks.  Such is Twitter.  At least I get compliments occasionally.  Some people I know like Janet (AKA JudgyBitch) Bloomfield were run off of Twitter by their enemies.

At least I’m still allowed to tweet.

I had a recent discussion on Twitter that reinforces how far America and Puerto Rico have fallen under the socialist spell.

Americans on the left have lost all touch with the idea that Marxism, Socialism and Communism are the same thing.  Many on the left refer to this as the ‘many levels’ of communism.  Yet, no matter what ‘level,’ communism is the most reviewed, reported and failed of all ideologies in human history.

It was America’s fall to the left that prompted my change from being pro-statehood for Puerto Rico to pro-independence, on the condition that independence be based on free market capitalism and constitutionally guaranteed individual liberty.

And America is falling fast.  But I digress…

Back to that discussion.  It started as the typical attack on capitalism and its ‘unfairness’ and its threat to the environment.  No amount of pointing out that the worst environmental records are held exclusively by communist (yes, that is socialism) countries.  The fact that the U.S., a country so obsessed with Global Warming; has just about the best modern environmental record in all of human history wasn’t even mentioned.  Yes, that is my assertion.

Unfortunately discussing the positive power and transformational capacity of free market capitalism with a leftist can be like talking to a rock.  The libertarian says 2+2=4.  The leftist responds by saying, “coffee is actually purple, how is capitalism going to fix that?”

“The color of coffee is irrelevant and can be changed, thanks to capitalism,” responds the libertarian; “now lets discuss the facts, 2+2=4.”

“4 is subjective,” says the leftist, “the world is dying, and capitalism is to blame. People are naturally greedy and so the state must protect them.”

“But the state is made up of people, who you say are greedy and can’t be trusted,” politely responds the libertarian.

“You didn’t even address my question!”

“Which one?” the Libertarian responds.

“You admit, by omission; that capitalism is destroying the planet!”

“Did you not hear the part that communist countries have the worst environmental record?” Asks the Libertarian.

“That’s communism you fascist! Its not the same as socialism! and 2+2= the rich not paying their fair share, just like common core taught me! Says the socialist.

It gets worse however.  On Facebook this week I had a commentator who decided I didn’t have a clue what socialism was.  He, like so many more decided that the U.S. postal service and the fire department are ‘socialist.’  This is the ever moving definition of socialism to make it more appealing to the masses.

In order to do this you must forget that the Communist Manifesto was written in 1848 and the U.S. postal service was established under the U.S. constitution in 1793 and that firefighters have been around since people began living in cities.  I’ve even heard some people say that military retirement systems were actually socialist, forget that such ideas date back to the Roman Empire.

The truth however, does not matter to the left.  Never has, never will.

Yep.  That’s what its like and by the way, I like my coffee purple.  Please, poor some more…its going to be a long election season.

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