China calls for internet censorship

Just as I, (OK, I and a lot of other people) predicted; handing over control of the internet to the United Nations would lead to censorship a wave of major censorship efforts is underway.  First up were the whiny feminists.  Testifying before the UN, Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian demanded that the UN protect women and girls from ‘online violence.’

UH, OK….  The left claims that burning buildings and destroying businesses is not ‘violence’ because these are actions against property and not persons, (in multiple protests)  but a word on the internet that can be blocked and where participation is voluntary is???

From the Daily Kos article clarifying the definition of ‘violence:’

1.  Property damage is not violence.  Violence is deliberate physical injury to another.  That is its legal and dictionary definition.

No mention of people disagreeing with you and calling an idiot, twit, bitch or what ever.  So how can women and girls be protected from violence, that isn’t violence and why only women and girls?  What about men and boys?

However, the push for internet censorship got even more serious as the feminist push was followed up by the Chinese in a formal call for a UN led international code of conduct on the internet.  China wants this at a quote, ‘early date.’  In other words, as soon as possible.

From the Examiner:

“It is highly necessary and pressing for the international community to jointly bring about an international code of conduct on cyberspace at an early date,” said Wang Qun, director-general of the Arms Control Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, in comments to the U.N. General Assembly.

Wang’s comments were reported by China’s main state-owned press outlet, the Xinhua News Agency.

“China, for its part, will continue to commit itself to establishing a peaceful, secure, open and cooperative cyberspace and pushing for an early international code of conduct acceptable to all,” Wang added.

‘Peaceful, secure, open and cooperative…’  Why does this sound like the Emperors inaugural speech after the Jedi uprising in Star Wars ‘Revenge of the Sith?’  Because it is exactly that.  China’s military wing wants a ‘code of conduct’ on the internet imposed by an international body that China routinely ignores.


And this move comes on the heels of feminists asking, essentially for the same thing?  Who says there isn’t a vast LEFT wing conspiracy?

Yet another reason for Puerto Rico to stay away from the United Nations if it becomes independent from the United States.  No UN, no censorship.

We strongly recommend a dedicated and focused effort to build alternate internet system (dark webs) to avoid the censorship of China, the UN and the rapidly fading United States.

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3 Responses to China calls for internet censorship

  1. Equality 333 says:

    The move has so many hidden alternative agendas. This is an extremely bad time and censorship of the internet will stop blogs like this and people sharing truths from across the globe with other. People need to stand together and fight for our freedoms!


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