Anti-capitalist’s riot in London, demand more of your money

There is a certain irony to the anti-capitalist movement.  We saw a good picture of the hypocrisy at the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests in New York City. Protesters railed against free markets while blogging about their exploits on their free market created phones and websites.   We saw more of it this week in London.

Anti-capitalists celebrated the 5th of November by wearing Guy Fawkes masks and trashing parts of the city.  One such protester was caught on camera wearing a jacket worth nearly 500 dollars.

A police car was set on fire by an anti-capitalist demonstrator, who was wearing a Colmar ski jacket that cost hundreds of pounds

The so called ‘Million Mask March’ as covered by the Daily Mail which published the above picture; left the streets of London filled with socialism garbage.   One group carried signs arguing that there was only ‘One solution, Revolution.’  They don’t however offer the exact definition of what they want the ‘revolution to accomplish other than being against capitalism.

Another picture from the same article may have gone unnoticed by some but I couldn’t help catch the hypocrisy screaming out from the signs.  Not to mention a complete lack of understanding of how economics work.

More than 20,000 people have said on Facebook that they would attend the event, which started in Trafalgar Square at 6pm yesterday

On the left of the photo above a protester holds a sign that says “I’m fighting for all of us” which at the bottom says “no more cuts.”  On the far right another holds a sign that says “Our human needs, not corporate greed.”

Think about that for a moment.  Who is more greedy?  The person or corporation that creates wealth through service or production or the person who demands free money from others by force?  I discuss this hypocrisy in my short book ‘Toy Farm Lemonade.’

These protesters oppose the conservative government’s management of public finance because they are trying to cut back on spending.   Spending of money taken by force from others via taxation (AKA theft).  They are also protesting against evil corporations that create wealth and PAY those taxes that support the programs they want to keep.

This is socialism for you center stage.  Give me money taken from others, while taking away the power of others to create the money I want to take from them.

One final note, the protester center left holding a sign that is partly cut off but reads, ‘More peace, less police.’  Right.  The protesters spent much of the evening damaging property in areas without police and confronting police head on in areas where the police were lined up to control the riot.

Somehow I’m not convinced that less police will make the protesters more peaceful.


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