Zika virus is designed for population control

If you’ve been keeping up with recent health news you may have already heard of something called the Zika virus.  The mosquito transmitted virus causes a mild illness according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  It causes rash, joint pain and red eyes.  That’s about it.  Furthermore, it only causes illness in 1 out of five people bitten by an infected mosquito.  So why the panic?

CNN reports that the virus is spreading like wildfire throughout south and central America.  Some cases have even started to show up in the United States.  The cause of the spread in the United States is illegal immigration.  Wide open borders and poor enforcement have allowed infected people to cross the border and enter into the population.  They are then bitten by local mosquito, who then spread it to others.

According the professional disease world, the real problem with Zika virus is birth defects. In other words, any women affected by the disease may pass on birth defects to their children.  Babies are sometimes born with small heads, which can affect development and in some cases it can cause the death of the child.

Government’s response isn’t to close the borders and control immigration.  Government’s response also isn’t to bring back DDT, the most effective insecticide against the mosquito which was banned decades ago based on false environmental concerns.  Not just wrong ideas, but false ones.  The international ban on DDT has caused millions to die in Africa and developing nations thanks to mosquito born virus’ which were nearly universally wiped out by the use of DDT.

In other words, banning DDT led to millions of deaths…a form of population control among the poor.

So what is government’s response?

To tell women to STOP HAVING BABIES!  That’s right, government has decided that instead of taking the only actions that would actually stop the virus and its spread it was going to ‘encourage’ women to avoid getting pregnant until the crisis has abated.

But when exactly will the crisis pass if government’s refuse to take the only actions that can fix it?  Never.  Government just wants to force western mothers to stop making western babies.  No one is urging such bans in mid-eastern countries, or Asian countries or among migrants to the European Union.  Only mothers in Brazil, Puerto Rico and other countries and jurisdictions.

Population control can be the only explanation for the current Zika ‘crisis.’  Once again, government’s actions create a crisis and use that crisis to try to punish all of humanity instead of realizing their own actions; open borders and banning DDT, are the only causes.

We are being lied too…again.

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