Puerto Rico travel alert: assault on a golf course

As if Puerto Rico didn’t have enough problems already a couple of thugs made life even more difficult for the entire population this morning.  A pair of tourists playing golf at the Wyndham Rio Mar were assaulted and robbed at gun point.  Published reports say the thieves got away with about one thousand dollars in property and money.

Reports of the robbery are making their way through social media and will further deter tourists from visiting the ‘Isle of Enchantment.’

Crime has long been a problem in Puerto Rico and its outlying island Vieques, where tourists have been repeatedly assaulted and robbed.  Puerto Rico police are investigating the crime which happened this morning (February 3, 2016).

The island’s economy has been struggling for the better part of a decade and the U.S. Commonwealth has over 70 billion dollars in debt.  If this incident impacts tourism, which is one of the islands main industries; it could further complicate the situation.


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One Response to Puerto Rico travel alert: assault on a golf course

  1. Chris_B says:

    And they just keep reaping the benefits of closing the Navy Base. I was thinking that we should demand that they reinstate the tax credit the Drug Manufacturers as well as the other companies received for manufacturing there. As a side point, I don’t even remember hearing about that when it was done. That is something that needs to be looked at. Even if it were reinstated, who wants to come back there now? If they hadn’t run off the Navy base with all the federal law enforcement aid to the locals it provided they would be in a lot better shape.


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