The Goal of this blog is to offer news analysis from the Conservative view point for issues affecting Puerto Rico and its people and serve as a counterbalance to the often terrible coverage by much of the local established media.  The blog supports status resolution either through statehood or independence.

The author is a former Aide to the President of the Puerto Rico Senate.  He also spent 5 years as a radio reporter and talk show host in San Juan. He has worked in TV and as a Public Affairs Officer and Media Relations Officer.

He is currently semi retired from public service and writes for this and other blogs.



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Toy Farm Lemonade: tells the story of a young boy who wants more toys and the 99 other kids who want him to pay for theirs too.  A Conservative/Libertarian take on the ‘Occupy’ movement.

The Beagle and the Dolphin: the story about a beagle who tries to teach his master not to destroy the oceans after talking with a dolphin.

 A Puerto Rican Manifesto: a radical conservative proposal for an independent and capitalist Puerto Rico.

You can also follow the author on Twitter or like or join his Capitalist Independence page or MIRE the Republican Independence Movement


8 Responses to About

  1. aurea says:

    me gustaria leer esa informacion en espanol. es interesante y no entiendo todo.


  2. typo…..counterbalance….This site is a counterbalance……
    A counterbalanced to the often terrible coverage by much of the local established media.


  3. Ryan says:


    I am very strongly considering moving to Puerto Rico in the next year or two because of Act 20/22, and currently live in the People’s Republic of New Jersey. I have been doing as much research as I can online and hope to be able to find some time to come and visit for myself. I also am a conservative and I have just discovered your blog and the picture you paint is a stark contrast to everything else I have read. I was wondering if you could email me so we can discuss further the state of Puerto Rico, and where pu see things going. As I understood it, despite being democrats, the current regime was trying to become more business/investor friendly in order to drive economic growth to the island, similar to what Singapore did. I am very excited to here from you. Thank you very much.

    All the best,


  4. Ryan says:

    Also, I am aware that crime and corruption have been problems, however I was under the impression that violent crime is down year over year and that things were at least starting to turn around. Is this also not true?


    • worleyf says:

      The murder rate is down. However it still ranks as a whole the murder Capitol of the US. Crime against property is still rampant and its hard to get a clear picture since many of those crimes go unreported.

      The irony about the murder rate that when drug enforcement goes up so does the murder rate. When the locals back off on drug enforcement the murder rate drops.


  5. Guy G. says:

    Hello, Guy from NJ here. Very interested in Puerto Rico. Finally a conservative perspective on the island! I’m involved with a number of liberty / conservative organizations. Was hoping I could get your E-Mail address. Please drop me a note at: ggarofano@optonline.net Gracias!


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