Gender crime does not exist

Each week it seems we are bombarded with yet another news story about something called ‘gender violence.’  The story generally goes that a woman is murdered by a man.  Very rarely do we read of stories of a man being attacked by a woman.  Curiously, women assaulting men actually occurs at a statistically rate almost identical to male on female violence, but because women aren’t considered a threat, the terms gender violence and gender crime are applied to men.

In so many of these cases the woman makes the fatal mistake of continuing to maintain contact with an abusive spouse even after they have sought a restraining order.  After multiple events, the woman is killed.  The crime however, is assault and or murder and can be classified as ‘domestic violence,’ but gender crime isn’t about domestic violence, it is about hating and demonizing men.

Using the term ‘gender crime’ perpetuates the victimhood of supposedly strong, independent women, who don’t need a man to take care of them, because after all, all men are evil anyway.  It is part of the fascism created and promoted by radical feminism.  It has no place in our legal vocabulary.  What the term ‘gender crime’ forgets is that there are women, who hit and torment men.  It forgets that there are women who hurt their female partners and men who hurt their male partners.  It also ignores the idea that people hurt other people for many reasons that have nothing to do with gender.

Much like the fallacy of ‘anthropological global warming’ the term ‘gender crime’ is a political term with a purpose.  AGW blames all of mankind for a naturally occurring phenomenon that may not even be happening right now, while GC blames men for everything else.  The more appropriate term for what happened to the victims in these crimes is domestic violence or, how about just plain ‘murder.’

When you call it murder, it takes on an entirely different form.  You begin to realize that there are on average about 1000 murders a year in Puerto Rico, 70 to 80 percent of those related to drug trafficking and organized crime.  Only a small percentage is related to domestic violence.  In a sane world, government and hopefully media would focus on the cause of the largest number of murders (nearly all of those involving males killed by other males) and once that is resolved free up resources to deal with the other lesser causes of murder.

When a woman is murdered we often learn about her life, her job and her kids and background.  When a man is murdered, especially if it is a young minority male all we hear are statistics.  No one cares about he real murder problem in Puerto Rico or the United States, because dead men don’t count.

Dealing with problems as they really are however, does not drive emotion.  Without emotion, people don’t go to the polls and vote for agenda driven, socialist and sexist laws that further punish men and give women tools to abuse men under the color of law instead of making laws that actually help solve the problems we face.

But domestic violence has another cure that doesn’t require new laws: self-defense.  Instead of looking to ‘the man’ (government) to protect women, why not instead demand the easing of handgun restrictions in Puerto Rico and hold classes to teach women how to use them?  Why not increase teaching of self-defense martial arts classes for all children?  These are immediate solutions to the problems of domestic violence.  However, these solutions will not assist radical feminism in their goal of demonizing all men.

There is another aspect of domestic violence that also goes unaddressed for the most part.  Aside from women abusing domestic violence laws like Puerto Rico’s Law 54; women also need to assume greater responsibility for their own choices.  If a man with a gun or the means to kill me says he is going to kill me if he sees me again, I will make a concerted effort not to see him again or to be prepared for him if I do.  There is nothing wrong with going to police or getting a protection order, but a restraining order is just a piece of paper.

Stop engaging your abusers and start defending yourselves!  Nothing will reduce domestic violence faster than women learning how to use a weapon and being given the liberty to own one and the right to use one.


About worleyf

Semi-retired Media Relations guy, former radio and TV reporter and legislative aide. Middle of the road Libertarian (as if that actually existed) who reviews current news items and stories, and offers an alternative point of view.
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