Ray Rice: Domestic violence or self defense?

Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice is in big trouble.  He is accused of felony domestic violence for hitting his girlfriend in an elevator.  TMZ has released video (below) showing the incident from where it started, in the hallway outside the elevator where it appears the couple is having an argument.  Metro Puerto Rico carried a copy of the video as well.

At the beginning it sows the girlfriend raising her hand and apparently hitting Rice.  Then she walks off to the elevator and again as he approaches her she strikes him again.  At that point he may have touché d or shoved her but then back off.  She charges towards him and he hits her, knocking her out cold.

So, the question is; was this self defense or domestic violence?  Think of it this way, reverse the roles of the two people.  Make Rice the woman and his girlfriend the man and then watch the video again.  Would you hold the woman for felony domestic violence?  Neither would I.

The only person who should be charged in this case is the woman.  It is high time we start judging men by the same measure we use to judge women.  That is equality.  That is right.  Simply because she attacks someone larger than herself is no excuse.  We men learn at a very early age not to attack someone bigger than us, it usually ends poorly.  But women are never taught this important lesson because when they hit, they get away with it.  How often does a man successfully press charges against a woman?  Especially in Puerto Rico where reverse machismo is alive and well.

My proposal for an independent Puerto Rico includes an equality clause and a reverse equation requirement for investigating crimes.  In a case like this, the man would be set free and the woman would be under arrest.  Equality is an absolute equation and under the law it should be no different.  What is right for one is right for both and what is wrong for one, is wrong for both.






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Semi-retired Media Relations guy, former radio and TV reporter and legislative aide. Middle of the road Libertarian (as if that actually existed) who reviews current news items and stories, and offers an alternative point of view.
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6 Responses to Ray Rice: Domestic violence or self defense?

  1. Joe says:

    I agree, his fiancee assaulted him and he acted in self defense. You and I are apparently close to the only two people in this world with that opinion.

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  4. JohnnyBravo says:

    I have witnessed the same thing in other situations. The woman is mad, she hits the man repeatedly, and screams obscenities. But when he defends himself or hits her back, HE will be the one going to jail. Why? Because our society sees the woman as the victim irrespective of her behavior or actions. No accountability for the same women who march for “equality”.
    Thanks for reporting this from a factual perspective.


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