Bernie Sanders: bad for America and Puerto Rico

Socialist Bernie Sanders is running for president.  He has stirred up a frenzy of support especially from young idealistic voters.  His popularity stems not from good ideas or a proven track record, but from the old tired emotional arguments that the left always uses to push through their platforms which inevitably create more of the problems they are supposed to address.

First on his website (issues page) is income inequality.  The conservative/Libertarian view on income inequality is simple; don’t like your paycheck?  Go get a better one.  No government intervention needed.  The left however, can’t figure that simple equation out.  So instead, they go weeping first and blaming second:

Meanwhile, as the rich become much richer, the level of income and wealth inequality has reached obscene and astronomical levels. In the United States, we have one of the most unequal wealth and income distributions of any major country on earth. Our inequality is worse now than at any other time in American history since the 1920s.

You know what else is different since the 1920’s?  Lots of stuff.  Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare(TANF), Food Stamps (SNAP), public housing, roads, bridges, cars, jet planes, the internet and smart phones just to name a few.  So with all of this government intervention and massive capitalistic innovation (granted the internet was actually a military project initial) why are people complaining?  Poverty in the United States practical counts as being part of the evil “1%’ worldwide.

Why is there ‘income inequality?’  Could it be that we have created an entire class of ‘professionally poor’ whom by their own choices have remained in poverty?  And whose fault is that?

Income inequality is based almost entirely on individual choice and action or lack there of.  It is not created by liberty or free markets.  To the contrary, government intervention tends to create more inequality than originally existed.


Freedom of speech does not mean the freedom to buy the United States government. Oil companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, Wall Street bankers and other powerful special interests have poured money into our political system for years.

Yes, big money is in politics.  But it is only a problem when it is Conservative big money.  Democratic or socialist supporting “big money” was even given a space at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ while the groups attacked big money on evil Wall Street.  Right.

Everyone loves to pick on Wall Street.  Yet no one ever seems to wonder why Wall Street supposedly gets away with so much supposed evil?  The answer again is quite simple.  Wall Street does what the politicians tell them to do in order to make money (see Housing Crisis) .  Period.  Wall Street gets paid off because if the truth were to come to light that they were only doing what Washington told them to do a lot of people would be even more pissed off at government.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of big money in politics and it usually comes FROM government; not he other way around.  He worries about a billion or two spent on campaigns nationwide, while ignoring the trillions of dollars of government influence in business, the arts, science (see global warming)  and communities.

The fix is to make government smaller, not interfere with free speech.

Climate Change and the environment:

The United States must lead the world in tackling climate change to make certain that this planet is habitable for our children and grandchildren. We must transform our energy system away from polluting fossil fuels and towards energy efficiency and sustainability.

Great, here we go again.  Man-made Global cooling, I mean warming, I mean climate change, yes..that’s it ‘climate change.’  If you’ve read this blog you know full well how we recognize the man-made climate change or what ever name its given this month is a fraud, has always been a fraud and always will be a fraud, but we do support protecting the environment and agree that burning fossil fuels long term is a bad idea.

So more nuclear right?  No.  More ‘renewable, sustainable’ crap.  Nothing produces more energy with greater efficiency that nuclear.  Period.  Nuclear also cause less harm in real practical use than fossil fuels.  The second most powerful fuels are fossil fuels with wind, solar and blah, blah, blah far behind.

The left never lets good facts get in the way of an emotional argument.  For those who support Bernie Sanders and the socialist left please, by all means look at Detroit, Greece and Puerto Rico where emotional arguments and feel good laws and programs have destroyed entire societies.

America is on its way down the rabbit hole and it may already be too late; electing Bernie Sanders to the White House will only seal its fate.

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