Fukashima: the death toll

The staggering number of people who died from the accident at the Fukashima nulcear power plant disaster continues to grow.  So far, the total death toll is:


Wait… 3 reactors melted down and exploded?!?!  And no one died?  How is that possible? In 2011,  some 1,136 people were murdered in Puerto Rico.  The island averages between 700 and 800 murders a year and has held that mark, up or down for more than two decades.

Yet, when you discuss nuclear reactors and power plants the first response you generally get in Puerto Rico is ‘FUKASHIMA.’   Why?  Fear. Fear that has been ingrained in the people for decades by the socialist left.  The socialist left and environmental left does not have a problem with nuclear power in communist controlled countries by the way, where people have actually died in nuclear accidents not related to magnitude 9 earthquakes followed by 45 foot high tsunamis.  Fukashima wasn’t actually a nuclear accident, it was a major natural disaster.

In fact, nearly all major accidents; leading to fatalities,  involving nuclear power occurred in the former Soviet Union.   The largest was Chernobyl where just 56 people died initially and as many as 4000 died later.  3 Mile Island?  None.  Fukashima?  None.

Since the 1986 Chernobyl accident more than 15 thousand people have been murdered in Puerto Rico alone.  Thousands have died in car accidents.  In the entire USA and all of its territories tens of thousands (or millions) have died from murder, car accidents; disasters and illness or old age.  Yet not one person has died from a nuclear power plant accident in the United States in those same intervening 30 years.

Nuclear power represents clean, efficient, stable, long term and low cost electricity.  It also represents zero environmental impact while in operation, unlike burning oil, coal or even natural gas.  That is the part that drives the environmental left crazy.  Their attempt to harm the west at any cost cannot stand up to the facts that Nuclear energy has zero emissions and zero impact on the environment.

Less than solar, less than wind even less than hydro power.  In order to replace the power created by one major nuclear plant thousands of acres of land would have to subjugated by solar panels and wind farms and lakes and rivers by the dozens would have to be dammed.

Puerto Rico is what fear has built.  But it is more than that.  It is what the left has wanted.  Socialism, communism, Marxism and madness thrive on chaos.  And chaos is what they have achieved in the commonwealth.


About worleyf

Semi-retired Media Relations guy, former radio and TV reporter and legislative aide. Middle of the road Libertarian (as if that actually existed) who reviews current news items and stories, and offers an alternative point of view.
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