More bloodshed on Vieques Island

Once again the blood feud for control over drugs trafficked through Vieques Island, Puerto Rico has taken a life.  Maybe more.  Earlier this week gunmen opened fire on a small group of people leaving a bar in the early morning hours in the ‘Bravos de Boston’ section of the island.

Police and news reports allege the shooting which resulted in one dead, two critical and another injured (that’s 4 victims in all) was all about the drug trade.  Competition and enforcement for control of the money and power that goes along with the drug trade often turns bloody as many inner cities in the U.S. mainland and many countries in Latin America have learned.

Yet Vieques’ small size and population exacerbate the problem.  It also amplifies it.  As we have reported several times on this blog, the lawlessness on Vieques Island is a danger to its residents and visitors.

While I advocate legalizing drugs and ending the insanity of the war on drugs; I also advocate the rule of law.  I’m going to make an exception today and advocate for the safety and sanity of the residents and visitors to Vieques Island

I call on the highest ranking leaders of the drug organizations involved in the Vieques drug trade to sit down and have a meeting of the minds to end the bloodshed.  This level of violence is not needed to carry out the business you are involved in.  I further call on the people of Vieques to join this meeting and establish a memorandum of understanding.

If that means bringing in local police (which it probably does) to agree to whatever terms are necessary (in other words how much they want in bribes) then just do it.  If that means the local drug dealers will help pay for improvements for the island or even share some of the money from their trade with the local citizens; then do it.

There is no sense in allowing this kind of bloodshed to continue to occur.  That kind of profit sharing could make a huge difference in the economy of the island and vastly improve the quality of life of those who live there.  My (Very) rough estimate is that at least one billion dollars in drugs travel through the Vieques connection each year.  More than enough profit margin to take care of many of the needs of the islands residents. Enough already.

The meeting of the minds and memorandum of understanding should also cover issues like robbery, petty theft; armed robbery etc.  Tourists to Vieques should be safe from violence and theft so they too can enjoy the natural beauty of the island and the local small businesses can also thrive and create jobs for people who don’t have any.

A peace treaty between the competing factions, profit sharing for the residents and an internal way to deal with crime will fulfill the dream of a Vieques paradise faster than any legislation or political action ever could.

In short, Vieques Island YOU CAN DO BETTER.  The solution, is in your hands.

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5 Responses to More bloodshed on Vieques Island

  1. disappointed tourist says:

    Here is an honest reply from a visitor of the Virgin Islands.
    All Americans are not rich! We save up our working dollars for a year or more just to spend 5 to 7 days on a beach to get away from stress and more importantly crime. Whether looking to visit or buy a house on Vieques, this only helps the island and it’s people in the long term. Because of the crime on the island my wife and I are looking elsewhere to spend our vacationing dollars. No matter how beautiful the island, the money will go where it is the safest. Vieques is losing millions of dollars in favor of violence. It’s too bad. I was actually looking at houses on the island. It’s no way now with the stories coming out of there. Good luck. It’s not worth my time or money. Get it together fast or stay poor. It’s your choice.


  2. Won't be coming back to Vieques says:

    It’s such a shame, as the island has many lovely people on it. Unfortunately, because of those who commit violent crimes against other residents and tourists, the island is in jeapordy. My brother in law had a gun held to his head-my sister was terrorized. The 12 people in our group will never return, nor will our money that we spent while there. I wish that island good luck…its gonna need it.


  3. Darryl Lee says:

    Bunch of crap. Ive been to Vieques many times, and I have never encountered random acts of violence against innocent tourists. The drug wars target each other, not innocents. Stay away from the drugs, use common sense, and you will have nothing to worry about. Enjoy the beaches, the restaurants, the bio-bay and the warm and friendly people.


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